Star Transmissions

Star Transmissions

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

April 27, 2015

No matter where we are at in our human or spiritual development, many feel the weight of the change and intense pressure building in the environment and ready to burst inside our own bodies. When there is applied pressure generated from magnetic flux in the consciousness field, there is greater chaos, and the environment has been filled with these rolling waves of chaotic forces that can feel disorienting and destabilizing. The plane of matter and the field of ante matter are resolving multiple layers of discordant frequency spectrums in many dimensional layers of the planetary energy fields. We are traversing the in-between spaces which allow for course correction in the timelines, and many of us may feel as if we were knocked off a course of direction, extracted into a holding pattern, and we are floating in suspended animation. This floating in-between space feeling is common after huge expansions and portal openings, both of which we have encountered over the last week. The celestial configuration that transmit Cosmic Kundalini is the result of recent alignments made between Canis Major and Carina (Argo Navis) star logos. Massive amounts of Gold-Platinum Ray transmission has been directed to our planet, of which for some of us, this can feel wonderful, and for others, we feel the purge of pain and sadness from the earth. We may have intense emotional states of feeling deep grief and loss surfacing in the waves of oceanic emotions that may leave us feeling teary eyed and weary.

This effort is made in preparation for yet another new level of color frequency spectrums and geometries being projected as radiant light holograms into the planetary architecture stemming from celestial and star matrices in our heavens. These reflective bands of coded plasmic light are being woven into sequential circuits into certain geographic areas of the planet creating new holographic geography in the ley lines that are connected to the stars above. The purpose is to build multiple access points in our earth surface that resonate in “mirrored reflectional symmetry” with the heavens above, as we anchor the celestial star patterns into the earth star.

What this means is that specific transmissions from the stars and celestial bodies will be increasing on the earth surface. The star transmissions will have coded light patterns related to the main genetics of humans on the earth and will reflect the symmetry design of that star DNA pattern to the earth and to the humans that hold that specific star lineage. Additionally, the mirrored reflection symmetry adjusts any rotational axis of symmetry into the core DNA template of the being. This means if the ” Star Reflectional Symmetry” exists, that part of the reflection will expand its symmetry pattern throughout its entire DNA unwinding in any existing timelines in the holographic dimensions. This is reclamation of all Krystal and Star Identities on earth to be returned for rehabilitation to their Star families or the Aurora Founder Dimensions. This does not mean we drop the body. What it means is we are connected to the Founder’s Krystal Consciousness identities in order to make the load out of earth humans to the Aurora time continuum in the future. This is the GSF Ascension timeline hosted by Krystal Star.

What this also means is that if there is no mirrored symmetry present in the reflection of that figure or form to Aurora or Star colors, they will not perceive the source field of actual identity or any of its creations. This means it is essentially invisible to them because it simply does not exist in their lower dimensional perception of reality. This will eventually present the choice between eviction with the Vandal-Fallen NAA groups, annihilation of their species memory or genetic rehabilitation monitored under Krystal Star host on another globe chain.

Time Vectors are time codes which relate to fire codes or fire letters which are directly a part of activating planetary and human DNA through Star body and constellation transmissions. Through the activation of Star fire codes in DNA, one shifts timelines, one can bypass timelines, one can eliminate destructive timelines and one may remember, retrieve or view cellular memories in other timelines.

When one is observing cellular memories retrieved from another timeline, it allows participation with the choices made that had impacted the past, present or future, through changing or clearing those memories that were made in those timelines. This is referred to as “rehabilitation of the timeline” which is made through the repair of genetic damage that was caused by the time vector code that holds the historical record of those accumulated cellular memories in the DNA.

Shifting Subatomic Layers

The current evolutionary theme ending with the recent transformation is the process of spiritual integration of the reassembled parts the inner spirit has newly created in the energetic layers of the body consciousness. For many people this time has required polarity integration between the newly reassembled parts of these required patterns being synthesized into one’s consciousness.

Although many people on earth cannot sense the physical perception of these new color frequency spectrums, these color rays deeply penetrate cellular bodies and stimulate the cells. The deep cellular change to our subatomic layers has polarizing impacts to our sense of identity which physically manifest in our life experiences. This is a great inner purge occurring, all the hidden demons, devils, egos, aliens and their foreign substances and machinery in previous timelines are being ramped up to the surface. Most people in the masses are very confused by what they are looking at, and if it threatens their belief system, they tend to use an ego defense mechanism such as repression, suppression or projection in order to cope. (Learn more about common ego defense mechanisms here)

This can stimulate the person’s hidden distortions to explode, or it can stimulate the person’s purity from their inner spirit to congeal within their body. One may feel inner peace and comfort, or feel explosive and tumultuous, or ride the roller coaster of both experiences until energetic synthesis of the mind, body, and spirit is complete. This is a part of the Magnum Opus of Spiritual Alchemy.

As we persevere the strength of our inner spirit is the fortitude and strength of our character to cope with the challenges we face with humility, in a flexible and resilient way. Our ego does not have strength to cope with extreme pressures; it is our inner spirit that always prevails to strengthen our character beyond our wildest imagining. The spirit knows if you give up you will have to do it again in some other form or way. Being on the earth during the ascension cycle can be a tough commitment!

Ultimately, the spirit awakening inside each person must choose their personal attributes and beliefs as their way of being in this world, no matter what the external people, places and things are doing. This is making the choice of spiritual-energetic authority every day, whether one believes this is happening or not. The choice is made in the measurable form of what one values and gives power to in their world. The belief systems based on deception and ego defense mechanisms are breaking apart and that dismantling results in many people suffering. Mental pain is created from the inner confusion of being shown that what one actually thought was truth is not, and it is later revealed to be a level of great deception.

Through our ego’s dark ignorance we suffer from not understanding the reasons why we feel we have been deceived and therefore, betrayed. When humans hurt from constant pain of deception-betrayal cycles, they tend to blame something or someone on the external for the deep pain they feel. The more attached we are to the material world, the more we think that we were in full control of our lives, the worse we suffer when we approach the spiritual phases of ego defense dismantling.

The current convergence into Trans-Time, a sequential result of the bifurcation in time, amplifies lower polarity collective thought forms and dark energies for those beings that hold more percentage of that density in their body. Generally, this is technological mind control and the genetic damage from alien machinery and alien hybridization that these groups of humans are totally unaware of due to the hidden NAA agenda. The bio-neurological genetic damage is a mental sickness that is spiritually abusive and destructive to the self and others, with intent to harm.

Once one has context for the Archontic Deception Strategy, methods and behaviors it is a survival tool to refocus, clear and switch these behaviors off when you are exposed to extreme stress and chaos. To improve peace in a largely dysfunctional world, we require attitudinal behavior guidelines to overcome the insanity of the Archontic Deception and their anti-life forces. All decisions one is able to make from an informed position by identifying Archontic behaviors as they happen, and refusing them from controlling your behavior, will increase personal discernment and energetic resonance of peace in one’s life. The only thing any person can change is themselves through their heart responses and behaviors. The change starts within. Bless you and stay strong on your Krystic heart path of One.

(Source: Krystal Kaleidoscope, June 2014)

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