Lessons of Trust

Lessons of Trust

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

April 15, 2015


Needless to say this is a time of transition between the Magnum Opus cycles, as we end one phase and begin a new phase, the energetic events are beyond any written expression to describe the shifting consciousness on this planet. We are coming to the end of the Multiplication alchemy of Pisces, which is about massive magnification of what we have been building towards this entire previous year. All of our efforts for the last year are coming into visible or tangible focus right now. That focus and internal pressure we feel is about the multiplication of our higher frequency architecture being manifested and directing that consciousness to anchor in the material plane, bringing it into this physical reality. Anchoring the last years efforts into the current timeline can be physically exhausting. Some of us have been working with new coding since last December, and now we feel internal changes which may feel foreign or disorienting to us. We have new spiritual body parts and these parts configure differently, they are translated differently in physical sensations that make us feel emptied out. The feeling of internal emptiness is the sensation we have when we undergo a large density shift, which is what has recently occurred in the ascending reality timelines.

As the first awakened Ascension groups, we are holding the codes to be the human acupuncture points that hold these energetic spaces and frequencies for the planet. The divine infinite calculus is the architecture that connects multiple pillars of our planetary consciousness realms that are now capable to communicate together, from the inner planes, the outer planes and in between spaces. This is a new integration level made between all of these pillars. This creates resistance from certain NAA groups, as they work so hard to hide these inner and in between consciousness spaces from us, especially Starseeds. They do not want us peeking into their living room and when we can see them clearly, it gets them very angry. Our role as acupuncture points is to hold the energetic placement for the human race to expand their consciousness and to start shifting them into higher awareness of what is really happening on planet earth. For us as placement holders, it will create more susceptibility to energetic and nervous system exhaustion. We may feel frustrated with those walking around with seemingly no awareness of what’s happening on the planet. There is a new wave of people starting to pay attention and connect the dots of behind the scenes orchestrations of tyrannical control. Finding a way to make your life easier and more relaxed, may be a necessary part of your personal reorganization. We are here for the endurance, not for the short term gratification. Any of us seasoned on the Ascension path, can attest this is no vacation and we are here for the future timelines of the human race.

Energetic mastery is also about performing an accurate assessment by honestly looking at the variety of circumstances we are all facing in our lives. We may need to simplify, pare down our lifestyle and do some things we do not want to do, at least in the beginning stages of transitional process. We are reaching a hard part of our energetic mastery where we cannot be fooled by anything out of integrity with the divine will and our soul agreement. This means that our spiritual illusions will be dispelled, and we may have moments where we feel forsaken by our creator when we feel “forced” to do something we do not want to do. We are at the crossroads of standing between a rock and a hard place. There is no wiggle room for anything else, fantasies, projections, false illusions of what our life should be or look like. This is actually a massive education process that is happening right now. Even though it may be rough, try to appreciate the incredible learning, wisdom and clarity that you are getting through this direct experience and exposure to these circumstances. You would not learn this if it was not presented to you in the form of other people acting as dark portals, and many other hosts of challenges. The education we get right now we are going to need this here, and when we take this knowledge off planet and help many other people that are plagued by the “reptilian problem.”

There are many Starseeds that have been targeted by MILAB programs and their related off planet advanced technologies. Some of us will be brought face to face with these timelines and histories now. Some of us did not know we were alien abductees, or that we had been implanted or controlled, and we are about to see that up close and personal. This is necessary that we see this transparently, so be aware you are not alone in this process. Stay awake though these timelines, and work your tools, stay calm and neutral while you observe these histories.

Many times when we feel adversity through facing challenges, we may feel angry, tired or frustrated. We ask, “Why has this circumstance or situation come into our energy field?” Why are these issues surfacing and why do we have to deal with this seemingly negative or frustrating issue? During this time, know it is going to challenge you, but that it is necessary for expanding consciousness and gaining wisdom. Know that you have the resources to transcend these challenges into the development and strength you need at this time to achieve your highest purpose and spiritual expression. Perform an assessment of what is distracting or disempowering you in any way and make adjustments to your attitude. Assess if you are currently in the lessons where trust is required in order to observe the macrocosm picture through listening to the divine will movement, before acting on personal will. With this awareness, know that the Universal intelligence knows better than you do, and you must relax and get out of the way. You may have to do some things you do not want to do, do them anyway. Something big is coming, however, we have to learn to truly get our ego out of the driver’s seat and let our divine spirit intelligence handle the details. You will note how fast things change from moment to moment which can bring spontaneous surprises into your life. However, you must learn to master the art of Learning to Let Go!

With that being said, I want to share with you some tools on simple key points to help you let go during these challenging times. The original author is unknown or I would give direct credit. I have edited some of the content. However I feel this is key information to share with you as a tool during these intense times.

Key Point # 1 – Learn To Let Go

Our stories are deep-rooted, and until we begin the journey of awakening, our stories define us. The ego identifies purely with the story and the archetypes. Holding on to the ego story, especially those laced with our inner demons, are the stories that have caused emotional pain and are the major causes of fear-based reactions and resistance in the body. They result in that tight, knotted or sick feeling inside your gut that signals stress. Our solar plexus is the main contributor as we feel in conflict over personal power and wrestling with those who are dominating tyrants. Become transparent. While these emotions certainly feel real while they last, they are in fact triggered by the thoughts and beliefs by the memory of a prior situation, stimulated in the mind. Seeing the unreality of those memories, from the perspective of consciousness, your wholeness being in the now, is the perceptual shift that frees you. Then letting go of the past happens naturally, and you experience true emotional- spiritual harmony.

Key Point # 2 – Face Your Fear

Get centered, then look at the situation, whether real or imagined, and that which is triggering the fear and affirm to yourself: I welcome this as a gift of learning and wisdom. It is showing me where I am not yet free. Then you simply picture, in your mind, the worst thing happening. You visualize experiencing the loss, or failure, or whatever it is you’re afraid of over and over again, until it begins to lose its emotional charge. Until you realize that no matter what happens, you, as the lucid, ever-present consciousness which compassionately witnesses everything, will always be okay. Like the samurai warrior, you learn to die before you die (dying to the images and concepts of I and Me) and thus you are free as the eternal self. Also, using the Core Fear Matrix Removal is greatly supportive to releasing emotional charge over facing your fear.

Key Point # 3 – Open Your Heart

Stress and fear close the heart down. We become judgmental and critical, and life starts to feel empty, joyless, and meaningless. As you become more present, more sensitive to your own and others’ feelings, to the underlying concerns, worries and fears that most people have, your natural kindness, compassion and generosity are liberated, and with them, deep inner strength and courage. An open heart, balanced with common sense and good judgment, makes you the kind of person others want to be around. No sharp edges, holding perfect peace, I allow it to be whatever it is, in this moment.

Key Point # 4 – Releasing Blame

Blaming those who have hurt, wronged or betrayed us causes our heart to harden, makes us feel like a victim and just perpetuates our own suffering. People do hurtful things because they do not feel loved; they are not at peace within themselves. Understand that, focus on being fully conscious and present in your own life, and it will be easier to let go of blame, resentment and anything else that interferes with your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. This is the essence of forgiveness.

Key Point # 5 – Speak The Truth

To be present without any agenda (one of the signs of being conscious and awake) requires self-honesty. You have got to be willing to look within and examine the stories that you are still believing, whether about self-doubt, guilt, resentment, judgment, arrogance or whatever. As you face them, breathe into them and see through their insubstantiality (after all, you can’t actually find a thought or belief anywhere), they start to drop away. Then it becomes easy to speak the truth, because you’re no longer caught up in trying to defend or justify your ego, which itself is just a storyline too.

Key Point # 6 – Be A Listener

The best way to invite honesty and to attract people naturally to you is to be interested in them. If you are present with them, you will establish the level of trust that makes them want to open up and share themselves with you. Listening is one of the most important keys to being present. Listen to others, listen to the sounds in your environment, and especially, listen to the sound of your own thoughts. Listen to the silence beyond thoughts, to the silence that you are. Listening, in turn, opens you to the experience of yourself as a living, feeling, vibrating, conscious human being.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path!

(Source: Cosmic Vacuum, March 2008)


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