Ascension Field Upgrade Transmission

Ascension Field Upgrade: Star Families’ Rainbow Light Body Dispensation, February 2015 Energy Transmission

Transmission Download HERE

A recording of the February 2015 Energy Transmission call from Corrina Steward, New Humanity Press & Our New Humanity ~ in this transmission we are translocated to a new ascension grid on Earth.  The new grid provides a peace-safe zone on Earth that overrides existing fields that have become too visible to interfering forces.  The new grid enables star seeded humans (Angelic Humans, Indigos, New Humans, etc.) to exist on Earth and be “on purpose” with one’s service to the planet and humanity without distraction, resistance and interferences.  The grid creates a new grounding and anchoring “center” within the physical body and the Earth to support one’s physical and spiritual health.  Many transmissions and realignments are received in this upgrade.  These include: an upgrade of the Rainbow Light Body to the Avatar Luminous Body of the Rainbow Light from the Galactic Star Families; the Golden Heart Matrix; a strengthening of the Earth life force for Gaia’s healing and all of her life systems; and a re-calibration of the life cycles on Earth and for humans by connecting to the Precession of the Equinoxes, a shift in the Earth’s rotational axis that initiates Earth’s awakening into the Golden Age of Peace and Light.  The transmission can be downloaded HERE.